Who are the Ben Davis Band Boosters?

Do you have a child in the band? Then you are considered a Band Booster!

The Band Booster's play a critical role in the success of our program. Our Booster's prep and clean uniforms, prepare meals for our students, build props for our shows, load/unload our trucks for competitions, chaperone trips, and much more. Without ample support from our parents, our band would not be as successful as it is. We ask all parents to find something that they enjoy doing and volunteer their time to help their child as well as the 200+ new students that you will consider to be your own children.

Booster Meetings

Please attend our booster meetings held the first Thursday of each month at 7:30pm in the Band Room.

Ben Davis Band Booster Board

President - Andrea Feeney

Vice President - Laurel Leslie

Vice President - Barbie Russell

Vice President - Victoria Jennings

Vice President - Marianne Fenton

Secretary - Buffy Bunch

Treasurer - Mila Summers

Want to be on the Booster Board?

Elections are held every December for all positions. You merely need to speak with the Band Booster  Secretary to ask that your name be added to the ballot. The Band Booster Board consists of 7 positions: President, two First Vice Presidents, two Second Vice Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Each of these positions holds a different set of responsibilities, but we all work together as a team to ensure the needs of the band are being met. 

We Need Your Help!!

Please volunteer for one or more groups we need help with!

Chaperone - Chaperone our kids during trips to competitions!

Event Help

Food - Help feed students during band camp and Competition days!


Pit Crew

Prop Crew


Booster Board Job Descriptions